Proposal to Rename and Improve the Galxe Raffle Tracker Extension

Empower the Galxe community by renaming the extension and adding new features to “Galxe Quests Assistant,” a Google Chrome extension designed to optimize user participation in Galxe Quests using the Galxe Protocol.

I propose to rename the “Galxe Raffle Tracker” extension to “Galxe Quests Assistant” and expand its capabilities. The new extension will still allow users to track their participation, view victories, and access quests, but on a larger scale that includes all Galxe-related activities. This change will provide a more integrated and interactive experience within the Galxe ecosystem using the Galxe protocol.

The Galxe ecosystem thrives due to active participation in various quests. The original Galxe Raffle Tracker solved the problem of tracking participation and winnings. My proposal for the new “Galxe Quest Helper” aims to expand its functionality to include all quests from the spaces the user is subscribed to, thereby improving the user experience.

The proposed “Galxe Quests Assistant” extension will offer the following features:

Track user quests:
Display all user quests, grouped by type of affiliation and sorted by time.
Provide users with the ability to track their participation in raffles and other community events.
Direct access to active quests:
Provide direct links to active quests, simplifying the participation process.
Notification system:
Notify users of new quests and raffle victories, ensuring they never miss out on an opportunity.
User-friendly interface:
Seamless integration with the Galxe ecosystem through an updated and intuitive user interface.

The project involves renaming and improving “Galxe Raffle Tracker” into a “Galxe Quests Assistant” extension for Google Chrome. It includes:

User interface:
Update the interface to reflect the new functionality.
Backend integration:
Keep server in sync with the Galxe Protocol while expanding functionality.
Notification system:
Implement notifications about victories and new quests.
Testing and optimization:
Test and optimize the extension for user convenience.

Success criterion:

Effective quest tracking:
Successfully track user engagement and wins across the Galxe ecosystem.
Increased user engagement:
Increase user engagement and interaction with improved functionality.

Positive feedback from the community:
Receive positive feedback from the Galxe community regarding the usability and functionality of the new extension.

The planned development period will be 1 month and will be carried out as follows:

Week 1-2: Research and Design Phase.
Week 3-5: Development and backend integration.
Week 5-8: Testing, Debugging and Deployment.
The estimated budget for this project is 2500 GAL tokens, covering development, design, testing and deployment costs.

Renaming and enhancing the extension to “Galxe Quests Assistant” represents a significant step towards enriching the Galxe community experience. By providing a tool that encompasses all user participation, I aim to increase engagement, promote community growth, and support the vitality of the ecosystem. I invite the Galxe community to support this proposal, moving towards a more interactive and user-centric experience in the Galxe ecosystem.


excellent update for users who participate in raffles, many useful innovations, I support it entirely