[Proposal] Galxe Contributor Program Rewards (Q4 of 2023)

It is interesting to watch how the cadets write out their own salaries, but for some reason I don’t see offers of awards for ordinary users. Just replace the contributor with a regular user

I support this proposal. Looking at the market, this is the right decision. Likewise, we will receive a dollar equivalent to the original pool of rewards. this should have been done a long time ago.
I’m all for it!


You continue to surprise with great ideas!

It’s a very good idea!

Great idea! I fully support it.

perfect idea, keep going.

**Very good idea! **
Fully support!

Hey @nagry.

This proposal has been posted by a Galxe team member, not a Space Cadet. It is in our interest to ensure our contributors get sufficiently rewarded for various activities and responsibilities that the program entails.

Regarding your point for rewards to regular users, there have been multiple proposals requesting budget for community events, such as the Galxe Community space seasons, and others (you can find previously passed proposals at Snapshot)


Good idea, i like this
LFG guys😍

Great ideas here. To more growth :dizzy:

This will be huge for the community

Nice, I really like this idea

This is a good idea, a really good one

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Great idea! I fully support it. Make Arbitrum great again!


Very nice. sakine daei gizi laylay

lfg I support this policy, the distribution is fair.

We are satisfied with the current situation. We look forward to working with you in the future.

я только за Galxe такая компания что ее потенциал и развитие проектов будет только расти и различные виды вознаграждений должны этому способствовать :головокружение:

Totally agree, up-to-date proposal

We are satisfied with the current situation. We will continue to participate.

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