Proposal: Galxe Campaign Real-Time Notification Bot

Galxe Campaign Real-Time Notification Bot


The proposal aims to request funds from the Galxe Community Treasury to build and improve the “Galxe Real-Time Notification Bot”.

This bot will provide real-time notifications for users and Telegram group owners to stay up-to-date with the latest campaigns released in Galxe, thereby ensuring that users stay informed and do not miss any opportunities.


Galxe is a dynamic web3 community-building platform widely used by the web3 startup all-around integrated chain.

With the growing number of campaigns and activities created by the web3 startup on Galxe, it has become increasingly challenging for participants and Telegram owners to keep track of the latest updates manually.

By developing the Galxe Campaign Real-Time Notification Bot, we can streamline this process and improve user engagement by delivering timely notifications directly to their Telegram account or channel.


Overview: The Galxe Campaign Real-Time Notification Bot will be a Telegram bot integrated with the Galxe platform. It will monitor new campaign releases and automatically send notifications to users’ Telegram accounts or Telegram channels.

Scope: The bot will be designed to efficiently track and disseminate information about new campaigns, including details such as project name, rewards, campaign type, duration and whether the project is listed on Galxe Compass or not

Success Criteria: The success of the bot will be measured by its effectiveness in delivering timely notifications to users and increasing overall engagement with Galxe campaigns. The number of channels, group chats or personal accounts that use the bots is our first benchmarking.


Lite Version: In the lite version, channels have used this bot:
Bot Username: @collabinXgalxe_bot
Bot Subscribers: Collabin ID, Evolution Trading, Ruang Airdrop, Cryptodoit, Crypto Guild ID, some individual users.
Due to limited links that can be attached, so we only add two links

Covered Information: Project name, Campaign Name, Rewards Type, Campaign Link

Improvement: Added information on whether the project is listed in Galxe Compass or not, added backer information, requirements and claimable rewards

Covered Information could be: Project name, Campaign Name, Rewards Type, Campaign Link, Backer Name, Galxe Compass Y/N, Requirements, Claimable campaign

Time Frame And Budget

Time Frame: The development period is predicted to be 1 month and is distributed as follows:

  • Week 1–3: Development, backend integration, testing
  • Week 4: Launching

Budget Request: The estimated budget for this project is $1500 in GAL tokens.

  • Server for 2 years
  • Design, testing, deployment, and maintenance costs
  • Launching promotion


We believe that the implementation of the Galxe Campaign Real-Time Notification Bot will significantly enhance the user experience on the Galxe platform, leading to increased engagement and participation in campaigns.

This proposal is open for discussion by the Galxe DAO members. Feedback and suggestions are welcome to refine the proposal.