[Proposal] Galxe Academy and the First Incentive Program


Introducing Galxe Academy, a new place to learn blockchain, web3, and other crypto-related tutorials through Galxe, focused on the educational path and backed by the services Galxe provides. Through this, we become the one source of the truth that certificate users knowledge, something like LinkedIn certificates, but on the blockchain and web3 industry.


ّI am going to explain why the proposed changes are needed and, how it depends on the community. As discussed earlier in the “Galxe Brain” channel, we need new strategies to keep the leading position in web3 (since copycats are rising). This proposal targeted two kinds of users:

  • “Astronauts (Community Members)”, we have one of the best communities in the web3 industry, the activity of members is so high and contributors rapidly make content, but we need to direct them to a clear path and we need to change something here to keep current members to stay active and content more useful.

  • “New Users / Web2 Users”, we need a fun, attractive way to engage new users, who are not familiar with Web3 and looking for a way to join web3, and with Galxe high reputation and professional community members, we can manage to make it through.


We need to learn more about “Galxe Academy” in detail to understand its procedure and things that need to be done. This proposal suggests two different roads and three main contexts to make the most of the tutorials and the Web2 users.



As already mentioned, we have a lot of content, and creative community members to make graphical content or tutorials, but how they will be used in “Galxe Academy”?

Most of the tutorials are seen on the Discord server and in the best situations by views by many on Youtube. The procedure explained further gathering tutorials, focusing on a topic, and keeping the current benefits for Youtubers.

  1. Each month, the team announces topics (e.g credentials and on-chain activity)

  2. Contributors start to make content such as questions & answers for quizzes, videos, articles, etc.

  3. Galxe Brains reviews the best topics of their local community with help of other community members (by some factors that will need to be discussed).

One significant benefit that I need to mention is that companies pay translators to localize their articles but here we have a huge chance to have different themes focused on specific topics and at the same time translated into different languages.

  1. The team may review the contents to verify and then store them or keep a link if it’s a Youtube video.

  2. This step will be explained further.

[New Users]

We need to enter into mobile apps, like Zapper or Zerion. We want to invite new users to Web3 but don’t want to engage them with complex concepts at first. Moreover, this can also help users to enrich their web3 profiles more than before.

Introducing “Galxe Academy” App:

  1. A quiz-style mobile app will be published (iOS first)

  2. New users start to learn topics (that the community members made).

  3. At the end of each topic, they need to take a quiz (that the community members made) to get a “Certification of Completion”

  4. The certificate will be a credential represented by an “OAT”.

  5. A leaderboard will show the overall and monthly competition ranking.

  6. This step will be explained further.

[Rewarding System]

This is a system that considers rewards for the previous two entities. We need to discuss it together to make it effective.

  • A: In this way, in [Contributer - step 5], points are given to the contributors whose content is selected and displayed in the app.

  • B: Also, in [New Users - step 6] the users who are in the top monthly ranking (or something like that) is given points.

Finally, the reward system will reward A and B from a monthly reward pool that comes from the community treasury.

[Web3 Partners]

Other web 3 platforms may ask us to become sponsors and add their prize pool to the main reward pool. Then, contributors should focus more on that platform.

Here is the diagram for simplification (click to zoom)


The mobile app will be designed by the collaboration between me and the team. Technical issues are briefly reviewed and the possibility of communication with Galxe ID through API is provided, which is a special privilege. Because while users are using the app, they don’t need to back and forth between the app and a wallet app to do things like minting OAT, and everything is done internally.

We will provide some testing methods to make sure everything is working smoothly before publishing the app. We will ask the community members to test it.

surely when we have the content and structures we can gradually think about it becoming multi-platform.

Success Criteria

We need to discuss the roadmap and topics.

We need Galxe marketing, professional content, and user-friendly UI/UX for the app.


We need a deep discussion of this part, but here is my estimation:

According to the docs, The community treasury currently holds ((200,000,000 * 20%) * 12%) tokens which are equivalent to 4,800,000 $GAL.

Since this is the first proposal related to the community treasure, I don’t have any idea about numbers but I will go with 2% or 96,000 $GAL. I suppose

  1. We will continue this method for about 6 months to enrich the content of the app

  2. The reward ratio of participants to contributors is 1 to 2. More clearly, contributors get 2 times the reward.

  3. We keep 7% (6,720 $GAL) for any decision in the future.

The monthly reward will be calculated like this:

(96,000 - (7% * 96,000)) / 6 = 14,880 $GAL

Contributors reward = 9,920 $GAL

New users reward = 4,960 $GAL

In addition, we need an Apple Store developer account to publish the app on the App Store, and since it’s all for Galxe, it must not be paid from the community treasury, and the price is 200$ / year.

Please note that I did not consider any monthly reward after the 6th month, which I think is arguable.

Besides that, for the software development in which I am involved, I think 3 months is a fair estimation to make the app.




Awesome! This idea is so cool!


It’s been a while since we have discussed the idea of Galxe academy with other Galxe brains and Mr.weatherboy. as you know, I am one of the enthusiasts of the Galxe academy and like the general idea.
Galxe, as one of the first pioneer’s platforms in web3 industry and on-chain credentials systems, should focus on onboarding people from web2, constantly educating them and keeping them updated in the so fast-growing industry and in the end enabling them to use the full benefits of web3 world!

But I propose some changes in the details which I explain below!

The first change I propose is the way contents should be gathered, make, and published by the community.
What I suggest here, is to hire a professional web3 content creator(at least for a couple of months to shape a very professional framework for educating users) and then localize the contents and then take quizzes and finally issue OATs! The reason I disagree with content created by the community is that:
–contents may not have clear structures to educate properly from scratch, especially for a none native web3 user.
–by not choosing some community members’ content they may be disincentives to continue.

We will use the great help of the community for creating content but not at first. I would rather use them in the next stages!

The Second Main change I propose is the distribution of the rewards!

You know I like the concept of learn-to-earn but I like the utility of our product more! After Our successful TGE, many community members are asking me what is the point of all the campaigns and what is the use of all these credentials?! They are right and I agree with them. We need utilities for our credentials until we reach mass adoptions and rich enough from credentials so everyone wants to use and query them so that protocol generates incomes!

My suggestion for incentivizing community members is: instead of rewarding them with $gal token, we spend $gal tokens for giving users exclusive access to some high-profit activities like giving spots to participate in high-quality presales, NFT whitelist, etc… until the protocol is growing enough to capture value and rewards credentials holders organically with $gal token! This way, we can show part of the credentials utilities to our community members! (for doing this, we need the help of our Business Developer, dear BOB )

The Third main change is the Mobile application

From what I understand from your proposal is that you suggest routing the education to an iOS app so a new web3 user should have fewer difficulties to onboard web3!
Well, I gotta say I like to have a galxe mobile app with different use cases but not with the main goal of education! Not many people have iOS devices. Many including me are android users and won’t be able to participate in the education campaigns!
I suggest concentrating our focus on the main Website while working on building a mobile app!

Thank you!


I agree with several points of your proposal, but I do not support the argument of the need to hire “A professional content creator” because many of us are great content creators, I assure you all. And the collective wisdom can guide the efforts of members who create assets in our community, avoiding the hassle of choosing ONE person or company and taking advantage of the value creation possibilities of the community. I think and believe that we need to work on web3 with the concept of decentralization and never get sidetracked in the middle of the road. So I do believe that it is necessary to hire a stable team to edit the material and design the interface to access them, which can make format and style adjustments, to optimize the user experience and meet the objectives. That team, in my opinion, should be hired at all times for the duration of the Galxe Academy program. This could include copywriters, UX writers, UX/UI designers, and professional educators, and can produce a style guide, such as recommendations or guidelines, for the activities of content creators with minimums and a framework in which they can coordinate and have enough structure. The argument here is that any gateway to web3 needs to and should be built collectively in a community and decentralized manner.


Hi, I like these changes you’re presenting to the original post above. I’ve seen other sites that are providing this “Web3” learn-to-earn model, but my focus is on utility. What can I do with the certificates I received. Taking the $GAL and investing it into making the certificates accredited would be more ideal.


agree with your points. lets do it!


Play to earn utilities

  • you will be rewarded with gal token.
  • after we reach mass adoption and our credentials are in use by curators, you will be beneficial from the protocol revenue with gal token !
  • your credentials can be used by some projects that willing to create a gated-community!
  • you will learn a topic and you can use the knowledge to make money by yourself

Bardzo fajny pomysł :slight_smile:


Awesome program! Looking forward to it .


good project .i want joint


I am with you)) I tried to find how to subscribe for the projects i was participated and didn’t find this function! Is there such? Or i missed something?


I am so very grateful to Galxe. I had started the first month of 2023 and I have got to learn so many things in web3. Thank you :pray:Galxe. Truly a big fan.

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Realy a excelente ideia.

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Looking forward to it

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Awesome :ok_hand:
I believe this is going to go a long way for me in terms of learning about Galxe

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