Alva Growth Proposal

This proposal seeks a $10,000 grant from the GalxeDAO Treasury to enhance the daily active users of Alva, an AI-powered project, and to significantly increase community engagement within the Galxe ecosystem. The initiative, spanning Q3 to Q4, aims to leverage the funding to implement strategic marketing, user acquisition, and community engagement activities.

The primary motivation for this grant is to accelerate the growth of Alva’s user base while simultaneously fostering a vibrant and active Galxe community. By achieving a higher DAU for Alva, we will demonstrate the platform’s value, leading to organic growth and sustained user retention. Furthermore, engaging the Galxe community through targeted initiatives will enhance brand loyalty and user participation, benefiting both Alva and GalxeDAO.

The grant will be utilized for the following key activities:

  1. Marketing and Promotion:
    • Influencer partnerships and endorsements.
  2. User Acquisition:
    • Incentive programs.
  3. Community Engagement:
    • Creating educational content (tutorials, how-to guides).
    • Organizing contests and giveaways.
    • Alva special credentials.
  4. Platform Enhancement:
    • Implementing feedback from users to improve the AI features.
    • Developing new features based on community suggestions.

The initiative will be executed in a phased manner, ensuring that each aspect of the plan is meticulously implemented and monitored for effectiveness. The grant will primarily cover marketing expenses, incentives, and community-building activities. Alva’s team will track progress through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as DAU growth, engagement metrics, and user feedback.

The scope of this initiative includes:

  • Increasing Alva’s DAU by at least 50% by the end of Q4.
  • Expanding Alva’s reach within the web3 communities.
  • Gathering valuable user feedback to drive continuous improvement.

Success Criteria:
Success will be measured through the following criteria:

  • Achievement of targeted DAU growth.
  • Active participation in community events and webinars.
  • Positive feedback and increased engagement on social media.
  • Successful implementation and positive reception of new platform features.


  • Q3
    • Launch initial marketing campaigns.
    • Start referral and incentive programs.
    • Host first webinar and AMA session.
    • Monitor and optimize marketing efforts.
    • Gather user feedback and implement quick wins.
  • Q4 (October - December):
    • Launch second phase of marketing campaigns.
    • Organize contests and giveaways.
    • Host additional webinars and community events.
    • Review progress and adjust strategies as needed.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Marketing and Promotion: $2,500
  • User Acquisition Incentives: $5,000
  • Community Engagement Activities: $2,500

By securing this grant, Alva aims to not only boost its own growth but also to create a more engaged and vibrant Galxe community. We believe this initiative aligns with the broader goals of GalxeDAO and will drive significant mutual benefits.



As an active user of Alva extension, I’m thrilled about the grant proposal to GalxeDAO.
Enhancing user engagement within the Galxe ecosystem is a smart move, this will fit perfectly with Alva’s aim to grow its active user base especially community wise. I’m positive this initiative will boost growth and improve our overall experience


Interesting, I think the timeline needs some reviewing


This is a good initiative that will grow Alva user base. I think the budget is moderate. Let’s have it


I think it’s a reasonable budget. I think Alva is a project that should be supported.


I totally agree with this. Please add Turkish Language in Alva.


Alright. I am with it

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It’s a nice idea. But you wouldn’t spend it:

  • User Acquisition Incentives: $5,000
    on referrals (i.e. bots), yes?
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I support this proposal) other than LFG I have nothing to add)

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Hope it passes, best of success.

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I think it would be interesting to use browser extensions or chatbot agents as a feature to convey useful information to investors. However, awareness and promotion are essential, and I think this suggestion is a nice one. having a large allocation for the Incentive program is also an easy way to attract users.


Alva is best web3 AI.